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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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afternoon, supervisors. it is great to see you all again. i want he ihas done a great job in that role over the last of uighurs. in one to recognize the exceptional qualifications of the other applicants. it was great to hear about their work as well. this afternoon i am here to support glendon hyde. i have gotten to know him through his work on the milk club. just hearing about the organizations he has been involved with, the diversity and number of issues he has worked on from the futures collaborative to the alliance to save lives, the centers -- sisters of perpetual indulgence, the ymca, the diversity of the organizations he has worked with and works with and the diversity of the people
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supporting him i think says a lot about his values and his commitment to the well-being of the residents of san francisco. i would urge you to support mr. hyde. he is dedicated and consider it. he is courageous and is an exceptional listener. he has the committee routes, the inside, and the exceptional people skills to work collaborative lead to address the ongoing problems faced by entertainment issues in the city and the commission. san francisco was the entertainment is one of its most valuable assets. glendon will work tirelessly to protect and enhance those assets. jintao just some members know, if you have a card, we have 50 speakers on this item. i will call the next 10 names.
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audrey jospeeph, anthyony faber, steve ernst, richard margarie, christine shafer, the next ten. thank you. >> good afternoon. audrey joseph, entertainment commission appointee. ia am an advocate to the other nine to five. the court -- importance of the economy of the entertainment industry but i am also here to speak to the seat. not to any candidate. the neighborhood resident of has to represent a neighborhood. i am particular the neighbors,
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the residence, and businesses. the board of supervisors and public have come down on the entertainment commission really hard for having too many people on at that have industry ties. whether it is our law enforcement representative whose wife has a restaurant or our cuurban planning representative who has a small interest in a nightclub, this commission has come a long way in eight years. we have been able to reform the nightlife community. it is an important industry for the city, for the economy of the city. we all know that the entertainment industry in and of itself employs more people per square foot than any other retail. in order to keep this commission above board and out of public scrutiny so it can do its job, i urge you to please
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put forward the name that you choose to be truly someone who is an entertainment -- who was then neighborhood representative. someone who will have their ties clearly the in the neighborhood with the residents and small businesses that surround it and try to keep their entertainment affiliation to a minimum. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> thank you and good afternoon. i am bill carmichael. i am a native californian and a san francisco resident for 20 years. i have known glendon . i havhave been deeply impressed for his ability to work with
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diverse interests. i have the utmost respect for his abilities as a community organizer and an entertainer and a promoter. he is an ideal candidate for the community seat on the entertainment commission. thank you. >> supervisor campos: thank y k. >> glendon is smsart. i have been in the city for 22 years and he has been with me helping out fund-raising and he is a great person. i hope you consider him. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> i am anthony favre and i am made district 6 residents. i remember the first time i met him it was for the 2005
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supervisor election. some had a candidate -- the thing there, you had people from the residents association and from late night coalition. as i learned, there has been a war, but there was the guy at the late night coalition talking about their meetings. that is something that -- he did not emphasize. he is very good at bringing people together. he looks for compromises, and again, he is representing the neighbors and wants to make sure that things are addressed but it is not a two year-old thing where they've never read does not like it, it is ok. what can we do to fix it so that you can have your business and the neighbors can have their sleep? he has been very good at that. i think that the pre application
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process, that is a great thing. there'll legal issues that have to be cleared up. -- there are legal issues that has to be cleared up. it is untrue -- important the entertainment commission listen to never concerns because if they do not, for example, the 1990's zoning for soma does not allow entertainment. why is that? chances are, even with the task force, someone brought up, could we make things for entertainment? and someone said there was a big push back on that. it is the entertainment -- the neighbors will find another way if entertainment does not do it. thank you. >> i am marlene morgan,
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representing san francisco neighborhood network. i wanted to talk about the importance of expertise and land use planning on this commission. because in district 2, we were dealing with important issues. first of all the development of the japan town entertainment corridor, the fillmore street corridor, the chestnut and lombard street, also the polk street area. all these areas are very important entertainment corridors in a densely populated community. also of huge impact is the impact on transit corridors. gary and van ess are major corridors as its lombard and chestnut streets. what we're looking for are people who have expertise in an distending transit, parking,
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impact, environmental impact, as well working with the entertainment industry to create a viable industry in these neighborhoods. so thank you and we would hope that you support jim meco for this position. >> good afternoon. i am here to support gil spurloin as a representative on the entertainment commission. i have had the pleasure with working with you. with castro merchants and other groups in the city. gil has been his own best advocate in his comments which were clear and focused on issues that are relevant to the entertainment commission. in my work through the neighborhood association i have had a chance to know him. he spoke about his top -- contributions of open space issues and forgot to mention that he has been a major player
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in breaking -- bringing consensus into his neighborhood on the fractious traffic issue that has been going on for some time. he has long experience giving has time to improve neighborhoods where he lives. as a practicing attorney, he is knowledgeable and professional. as a neighbor, he gives generously of his time and studies and works hard and gives his time on issues. as an entertainment commissioner, i believe he will represent neighborhoods while also giving a balanced consideration to all sides of an issue, which is as other speakers said, sometimes been sadly lacking on the commission. the entertainment commission needs fresh air. that is relevant and balance. i urge you to support gil spurloin. he is the candidate who spoke clearly and on a point about issues and how they relate to
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neighborhoods. that i understand is what this neighborhood seat is about and i urge you to support him. thank you. >> hello. i am chris shafer. supervisor kim, you asked that an excellent question. have you gone to and entertainment commission hearing? i have. i facilitated a retreat for the commission. i as a professional trainer and development consultant run a small group of -- we donate promote time to facilitate meetings. with the city, through the planning department, and two of the neighborhoods we're working with is japan town and ssoma. i have a close first hand
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experience with what i consider to the entertainment commission and the individual who actually have worked in those areas. that is one reason i am here to speak on behalf of jim meco. i have seen how he has worked with the planning task force. we have talked about a group of 20 to defer stakeholders that represent the various issues within western soma that he has brought together and sustained the momentum so it has become the model for how all the neighborhoods, eastern and western neighborhoods, are going to come together in that area. he has worked tirelessly with the western soma with the leadership council and that is where he brought together people to me whether it is mares, and
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so on. he is willing to bring together the very diverse people at that table so that they can have their voices heard and he is not afraid to hear of diversity. i have also because where i live have had experience with the entertainment commission. thank you very much. i hope you consider jim meco. >> i used to have a store in the fillmore. i have been a resident for 35 years and i want to support [gavel] glendon hyde. if you need help, he will help you. thank you. >> hello. i am a resident of district 8. i host events and in district 6 and i sit on the board of
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project [unintelligible] i am here to support glendon hyde. gay men and women do not receive culture from our parents. we learn how to be gay in bars and nightclubs. these are the first bases where we feel comfortable. holding hands, dancing with partners of the same sex, being ourselves. entertainers like anaconda are more than business people. there hours -- they are stewards of the gay culture. they help men and women find their voice. in that time she has this charge that duty with the utmost dedication and regard for her community. she is a leader in every sense of the word and the entertainment commission would do very well to have her. thank you.
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>> good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity to speak out this afternoon. i live on sixth street. i have been there for almost 15 years. i live in the 300 block between the 1015 club and the [unintelligible] both very successful. when i first moved into the neighborhood, we found a lot of problems with the 1015 club and was part of the early group that resulted in 2000 -- in the consent decree against the club. many of the provisions that were called for were not implemented because they were very controversial. one of them being video surveillance which we agreed was not the right thing to do but in those days, the sfpd supervise the activities of after hours
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and the idea of the entertainment commission taking this over is excellent because it represents a diversity we have seen here this afternoon. gil of into my building and got on the board of directors and so i have known him since 2007 or 2008. anybody living in the neighborhood has ample opportunity to participate in community events, as you can imagine. he was active in dealing with the development of real estate across the street from our building at the corner and he was very active in the graves park development which supervisor kim, i had the pleasure of signing your petition in that part. -- park. in working with gil on the board, i came to appreciate
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his balanced point of view and i strongly endorse him. thank you. >> supervisor kim: i will call the next speakers but also i want to recognize that supervisor david campos has joined us as well. [applause] this is a friendly crowd. gail rubin, jim t., lisa bast, dee lightner, simone campbell, and john nolte, and kimberly sinade.
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>> members, i am sue contreras, i wrote a letter, i am sure you get a bazillion letters. i wanted to quote one portion. i have been on the western soma task force for more than four years. the man has the combination of empathy and pragmatism that i think would continue to serve him well on the entertainment committee -- the entertainment commission. that is what i want to say. i appreciate your time and attention. >> supervisor campos: thank you.
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-- >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> i am here today to urge you to reappoint jim meco. i have lived south of market for a decade and a party there for over three decades. one of my proudest possessions as the certificate of appreciation i was given for my contribution for the first folsom street fair. i speak as a resident and a patron of the gay bars and entertainment venues in the neighborhood. i have known jim for a decade as a neighbor and in his capacity as a local activist. he has probably done more than any other single individual to preserve the diversity south of market. he is exceptionally knowledgeable and he is a dedicated public servant. above all he has demonstrated
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his abilities as a mediator between the sometimes competing interests. there are other businesses beside entertainment in the neighborhood and they have interests. jim has brokered many deals that allow these constituencies to coexist. the issues that come before the commission often involve high stakes for the party. large capital investments for businesses and homeowners, and the livability and character of the city for all. many communities and personal identities depend on it or are expressed through our diverse urban recreation. such high stakes can lead to volatile conflicts. in these situations, and jim has shown a remarkable ability to respect the interests of the stakeholders and to find expectable solutions through delicate negotiation. his deep knowledge and institutional memory are irreplaceable. he has done a superb job as a commissioner.
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he is a creative problem solver and not a gram standard. his abilities as mediator and broker have turned many conflicts into workable compromises and i feel the failure to reappoint him would be a loss to the commission and to the city of san francisco. thank you for your time. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> i am a resident of south of market. i am here to support jim meko. it is about his experience. you are familiar with the work he has done with the western soma task force. he has an ability to bring everybody together from different communities and different interests and has the planning and use experience and knowledge and as such a want to
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support his reappointment. he brings a responsible, mature voice and i want to remind you that it is a seat that is supposed to represent the neighborhood. not necessarily the entertainment industry. i know that anybody that is here today applying for the position is probably qualified to be on the board but it is a.c.t. to represent the neighborhood. we need balance, we need compromise, and we need responsibility because if we do not get that, what we will get from the neighborhood is a backlash and we all know that the neighborhoods in san francisco hold a lot of power. the residence will revolt -- residents will revolt against what is going on. you are familiar with the problems. the clubs and entertainment
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venues do need to act responsibly. i think that jim can bring everyone together. thank you. >> i have lived in soma for 20 years and i am here to read it -- to endorse the reappointment ofji jim meko. thera year or more after gina ma moved in, she began experiencing noise issues with a few of the clubs. they are consistently while leaders of the san francisco nor is control ordinance. this ongoing problem continues and is an address by the city. she uses the official process
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to report noise violations through the police department and to date, the entertainment commission has not held any violators accountable. however, jim meko has been supportive. yeah understands the relationship between land-use and entertainment. jim meko has proven worthy of fulfilling the duties of the ec neighborhood representatives see. the seats designated for residents and small businesses. the entertainment commission needs to checks -- needs checks and balances. please do not fill this seat with anyone who has ties in the entertainment industry. please appoint jim meko. thank you.
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>> thank you for this opportunity. i live in district 3. i am here to support glendon hyde. i worked with him in the benefit that was put on for tenants together. i am struck by his energy and his commitment and a very broad vision he has and i really think it is time for change. thank you. >> thank you. i'm a resident of district 6. i am in support of [gavel] -- glendon hyde to be appointed. he has been a resident for more than 15 years and he has been scented by the sisters of perpetual indulgence for his work on polk street and he has a
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unique ability to coalition and committed to build and i believe that the board would be much blessed with his presence. please appoint glendon hyde for the entertainment commission. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am here in support of glendon hyde for the position on the entertainment commission. as a member of the community and a community activist myself, i have been out there and i have seen the work he has done. every event i am that he is at. i as someone else that has been stated by the sisters of perpetual indulgence, having a commitment to community is one thing. i heard a lot about people and their experiences and qualifications and is great to hear that some of the folks are
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qualified but sometimes it takes balance and he has a lot of both. talk about having your figure on the polls and sometimes it is time for new blood. so, consider. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i live on polk street and next to omelie. i wanted to encourage you to reappoint jim meko. he studies these issues in great depth. thank you.
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>> i have a map here of the entertainment commission and the permits. i have the application for glendon hyde. he talks about being a board member. i have been part of the [unintelligible] since its inception. there is no such thing as a board. and i do not feel that that is where they for him to say something that he is on a board that does not exist. good afternoon. i am john nolte and i am here to ask for the reappointment jim meko. i feel that his reappointment to
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the commission and his knowledge of the neighborhoods and citywide planning and knowing how to implement the neighborhood policies and so forth, those things are what you need to a commission -- when it was formed, it was not in place. the commission has evolved and he puts things in place that needs to be done, and foresight. thank you. >> hello, i am here on behalf of gil spurloin. i have lived here for 22 years. i have a law practice downtown. in my spare time i manage a